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DATE: June 15, 1977 TRADE: The Mets trade
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DATE: June 15, 1977
TRADE: The Mets trade Tom Seaver to the Cincinnati Reds for Pat Zachry, Steve Henderson, Doug Flynn and Dan Norman
OUTCOME: Dubbed “the Midnight Massacre,” the Mets traded the greatest player in franchise history to Cincinnati and got mediocre value in return. Seaver reportedly demanded a trade because his wife was jealous of the wife of Nolan Ryan, a former Met pitcher who had gotten a large contract from the California Angels. After the trade, Seaver continued his greatness with the Reds, with whom he won 14 games in 20 starts in ’77. “Tom Terrific” also pitched a no-hitter in 1978, a feat the Mets organization still lacks.(Credit: Getty Images)

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