1969: Simply Amazin'

Jerry Grote (15) and Jerry Koosman are in

Jerry Grote (15) and Jerry Koosman are in the center of a massive hug by fans and teammates after the World Series victory. Identifiable are Tom Seaver, hatless, next to Grote: Donn Clenendon, hatless at left. Orioles coach George Staller rushes from the scene. (Credit: AP Photo)

How Newsday covered the Mets' World Series victory on Oct. 16, 1969.


Believe, baby, believe. The Mets have won the World Series. They are still world champions today.

"Wasn't St. Jude the patron saint of lost causes?" Ron Swoboda asked amid the champagne being sprayed about the crush of newsmen like a fire hose. "We should be the patrons of lost causes. We give heart to...

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