Daniel Murphy, the Mets' union player representative, said he understands that fans may be upset by recent player suspensions and a growing perception that the game is tainted.

"We live in a broken world. Nothing is perfect," Murphy said Tuesday. "Unfortunately, we're seeing that right now. We're trying to clean it up. The penalties were doled out and the game is trying to get cleaned up. It's something that maybe going forward, maybe the drug agreement needs to be addressed. But as of right now, this is the system we have in place, and we're trying to clean the game up."

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Murphy believes that one thing that could be discussed are stiffer penalties for offenders. He said that it will probably be up for discussion at the Players Association meetings in December.

Mets manager Terry Collins said before Tuesday night's game against the Rockies that it is a tough time for everyone in baseball, not just the suspended players.

"We are in total support of cleaning the game up and what Major League Baseball is trying to do," Collins said. "Obviously, we have to get a level playing field. I feel bad for the players involved. I feel bad for the fans. We are going to get through it. This game has outlasted every black eye it's had. We'll get through it."