DALLAS -- Veteran lefthander Mark Buehrle agreed to a four-year, $58-million contract with the Marlins Wednesday, and that could prove to be good news for the Mets as they plan for a brighter future.

But the Mets have to wait out Miami's storm of spending before celebrating too hard.

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On Tuesday, Major League Baseball notified the Mets that, as of now, they would receive the Marlins' second-round pick (10th in the round) as compensation for Miami's signing of Jose Reyes to a six-year, $106-million contract. The Mets also receive a pick in the sandwich round, which occurs between the first and second rounds.

The Mets originally feared that they would get a third-round pick because closer Heath Bell -- whom the Marlins signed to a three-year, $27-million contract -- ranked higher than Reyes on the rankings of the Elias Sports Bureau, which have been used to determine compensation. Under that thinking, San Diego would take Miami's second-round selection for Bell's departure.

But Bell, as a result of the new collective-bargaining agreement, does not cost a team a pick. Rather, San Diego received a pick directly ahead of the Marlins' second-round selection, and because Reyes is a Type A free agent, the Mets get the Miami second-round choice.

The Mets will drop a round if the Marlins sign any of three top free agents: Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols or C.J. Wilson. Pujols now appears headed back to St. Louis after turning down a huge Miami offer, yet Fielder and Wilson are still in play with the winter's most aggressive team.

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The addition of Buehrle could cause the Marlins to hit the brakes on their spending spree, although there was no such indication Wednesday.