Just how good has R.A. dickey been?

Well, if you look at the numbers, you could be fooled. His July has been one of th strangest numbers wise for a pitcher in recent memory. He's gotten a little bit of the Johan Santana syndrome. Blame the Met offense.

The Met Knuckleballer put together one of his best performances of the season last night, going 8 and a third innings and giving up just four hits in the Mets win over the Cardinals. Dickey also forced 17 ground balls. Just another part of a maybe Cy-Young worthy July from the mound from Dickey. 

Here is a larger breakdown of just what Dickey's interesting numbers have looked like over the course of the season:

Case in point...

July ERA in six games: 1.89

Number of wins in July in six games: 1

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Number of losses in July: 5

Total Earned Runs given up in July: 7

Total innings in July: 33.1

Interesting to say the least, for Dickey's sake, hopefully the Met bats will be behind him in August.