MIAMI -- Jose Reyes is comfortable now in his new home ballpark and in his new city. As for the batter's box? Well, two out of three isn't bad.

He is hopeful that will improve, too.

"I've been feeling a little bit better, not a whole lot, not the way that I want to be," he said Friday afternoon before going 1-for-4 in his first Marlins Park game against the Mets. "I haven't been consistent yet. It's going to come. It's a long season."

It was a long April, especially in an awful series at Citi Field. At least his club is doing better now, having come off an 8-1 trip.

"When we went to New York, we didn't play very good baseball,'' he said. "Now we're playing better. They're playing good, too, so it's going to be interesting."

His manager, Ozzie Guillen, said that despite Reyes' low average (.234), "every day he's at the plate, I feel like I've got a guy on first base."

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At Marlins Park, a batter can hit a ball a long way before reaching the fence. "It's big," he said. Bigger than Citi Field? "It's close. At Citi Field, if you hit the ball good, it's basically going to go out. This one is a little bit different. I don't have a problem with it because for me, when I start to hit better, there's going to be a lot of triples."

Reyes then went out and tripled in the first inning.

He laughed when someone suggested that maybe they will bring in the fences here someday, as his old club did right after he left. He keeps tabs on the Mets; he watched the game in which his friend Ruben Tejada was injured and immediately texted him.

And he is happy for David Wright and a few other buddies. But, he added, "I mean, I don't want them to win too much because we're in the same division."