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Happy birthday, Phil Rizzuto

10 | PHIL RIZZUTO | Number retired: Aug.

10 | PHIL RIZZUTO | Number retired: Aug. 4, 1985
Yankee/Career Stats: .273 AVG, 1,588 H, 38 HR, 563 RBI
Phil Rizzuto is another life-long Yankee who wore the pinstripes proudly during his 13 years in the Bronx. His name always comes up when talking about the greatest Yankees of all-time. Even though he missed three seasons to fight in World War II, he still managed to carve out a nice career with five All-Star appearances and the 1950 MVP award. (Credit: AP)

Ninety-five years ago, Phil Rizzuto was born.

Since passed, the Yankees' shortstop holds a special place in the hearts of fans who came of age when he broadcast games for the team.

He was indeed a classic. Here's a little clip that encapsulates what the "Scooter" brought the booth.

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