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Sandy Alderson is best GM in baseball, magazine says

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson speaks during a

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson speaks during a press conference announcing a two-year contract extension for manager Terry Collins at Citi Field. (Sept. 30, 2013) (Credit: Jim McIsaac)

If nothing else, it's greatness by contrast.

Compared to his predecessor, Omar Minaya, current Mets GM Sandy Alderson has been a miracle worker. He's turned expensive soon-to-be free agents into valuable, controllable prospects and has even spent a little bit of money this winter, on (largely) sensible deals.

For the first time since 2008, the Mets are truly on the verge of contention (even if it's more likely a year away).

Because of those reasons, Will Leitch writes in a New York Magazine article that Alderson is the best GM in baseball.

There are plenty of arguments against the pick, of course, namely the lack of a winning record for the team since Alderson's taken charge -- though it's difficult to find an observer who pins the Mets' mess on Alderson.

We at the OBP blog would cast a vote for Billy Beane, who perennially turns the Athletics into playoff contenders on a shoe-string budget. But, heck, the magazine piece is called "Reasons to love New York", so we can't fault the Alderson pick too much.

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