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The underperformer of 2013 will be . . .

Giants centerfielder Melky Cabrera looks on during a

Giants centerfielder Melky Cabrera looks on during a game at Coors Field. (Aug. 3, 2012) (Credit: Getty Images)

These Internet poll results are about as scientific as those crumbs that fell into your keyboard during breakfast three weeks ago, but they're still fun.

So here we go with the results from our last OBP poll, based on 806 total votes.

Which player is most likely to underperform with his new team in 2013?

31% -- Melky Cabrera, Blue Jays

20% -- Shane Victorino, Red Sox

16% -- Josh Hamilton,  Angels

16% -- Zack Greinke, Dodgers

14% -- Russell Martin, Pirates

  3% -- James Shields, Royals

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