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Up, down for Mets' Frank Francisco

Frank Francisco appears leaves a game against the

Frank Francisco appears leaves a game against the Atlanta Braves in the ninth inning after walking in two runs with the bases loaded. (Aug. 12, 2012) (Credit: David Pokress)

WASHINGTON — Frank Francisco had to come out of the ninth inning for a second straight appearance Thursday in Cincinnati, having allowed three runs in a non-save situation. Terry Collins said before Friday’s game that he hasn’t been able to get Francisco into normal spots since he returned.

“He pitched four innings [in the minors], only one time back-to-back days, and he pitched really well. [But] it’s not the big leagues,” Collins said. “Now he comes up, hadn’t pitched in four days, threw two pitches and got a double play and a save [Aug. 4]. Then he doesn’t pitch for four more days, and four more after that, and it’s not his fault. We haven’t had a lot of save situations.”

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