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Wright still hurting as DL decision looms Saturday


PHILADELPHIA – David Wright sounded closer to the disabled list than the starting lineup Friday as he talked about his fractured right pinky finger. Wright was held out again for the series opener against the Phillies and Terry Collins said they would wait until Saturday to make a decision about the DL, which now appears much more likely.

         “It’s not about trying to suck it up and play through pain,” Wright said, “because I just can’t technically grip the bat or grip the baseball right now.”

         Wright didn’t bother picking up a bat Friday afternoon, and when he did try to field a few ground balls during BP, the third baseman looked uncomfortable doing so. When Wright first injured the pinky finger Tuesday, diving back into first base, the Mets figured he would miss a game or two at the most.

         But that turned out to be wishful thinking. Wright said his finger has improved, but as of Friday, it was nowhere near ready for baseball activities.

         “It’s going to take time to heal,” Wright said. “But once I can functionally do the things to play the game – throw a ball, grip a ball, grip a bat, swing a bat – then it’s just a matter of taking the pain. Right now, it’s tough to make a fist, so I can’t really get that finger moving the way I need it to.”

         The injury could not have come at a worse time for Wright or the Mets, who desperately need him to fortify a sagging lineup. Wright was off to a strong start, batting .583 (7-for-12) with a home run, three RBIs and an NL-best .647 on-base percentage before the freak injury.

“I told David there’s too many intangibles right now going on,” Collins said. “I understand we had a nice thing going before he got hurt, and he was swinging great.  But to put him back in just to put him back in the lineup and not to have ready to produce, that’s not the right thing to do.”

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