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Yankees to reduce some ticket prices for 2014 season

Yankee fans in an undated file photo.

Yankee fans in an undated file photo. (Credit: Getty)

Robinson Cano is unlikely to give the Yankees a discount on a new contract. But the Yankees are giving fans a discount on nearly 20 percent of ticketed areas for the 2014 season.

The team announced Monday afternoon that 18 percent of tickets would be reduced by up to $25 from 2013 prices for the upcoming season. Of the remaining tickets, four percent will see an increase while 78 percent will remain the same.

The decreases hit the Terrace Level in Sections 305, 30, 307, 313, 314, 326, 327 332B, 333 and 334. The Main Level is also set to see reductions in Sections 210, 216, 217, 223, 224, 229 and 230.

Field MVP Club seats, a new designation affecting Sections 116-125 (Rows 12-21), will have a reduced price as will Field Level tickets in Sections 114A through 126.

The Yankees will also be adding 10 Outdoor Suite Boxes and are renovating the Home Plate Team Store.

Field Level Section 132 tickets, Main Level Section 215 and 225 tickets and obstructed view Bleacher tickets in Sections 201 and 239 are the only sections set to increase in price.

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