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Yu Darvish and the greatest GIF ever

Texas Rangers starting pitcher Yu Darvish, of Japan,

Texas Rangers starting pitcher Yu Darvish, of Japan, throws to the Frisco RoughRiders during an exhibition baseball game. (April 4, 2012) (Credit: AP)

This GIF has been making the web rounds today, showing Yu Darvish throwing all five of his pitches at once.

The wind-up and delivery for each of his pitches have been superimposed on top of each other to make it appear as if he's throwing five baseballs.

On that level alone it's pretty mind blowing, but then there's the crazy movement that Darvish is able to achieve on his pitches, made all the more apparent when you view them in relation to each other. If you can't stop watching and do nothing the rest of the day but watch the GIF over and over again, don't say we didn't warn you:

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