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Nick Klopsis

Google has already given Mike Trout the 2014 AL MVP award

A screengrab of a glitch on google.com that

(Credit: Google.com)

Well, it looks like the Baseball Writers Association of America can go home. Google has already given Mike Trout the 2014 AL MVP award.

The funny glitch shows up when a user types "2014 AL MVP" or "AL MVP winners" into Google's search bar.

GOOGLE KNOWS EVERYTHING. ALL HAIL MIKE TROUT, 2014 AL MVP pic.twitter.com/fAl9WZgrQO— Alex Dacome (@EssentialDacome) August 13, 2014

Of course,...

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Rockies misspell Troy Tulowitzki's name on giveaway shirsey

Fans wear shirts emblazoned with the misspelled surname

(Credit: AP / David Zalubowski)

Spelling is important, kids.

The Colorado Rockies found that out the hard way on Saturday during a promotional giveaway involving 15,000 Troy Tulowitzki shirseys.

The shortstop's last name was incorrectly spelled "Tulowizki" on the shirseys.

Tulowitzki has spent all nine years of his MLB career with the Rockies. The four-time All-Star currently is on the disabled list with a left...

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Video: Mark Teixeira stars in hilarious mock talk show

Yankees' Mark Teixeira stretches on the field for

(Credit: AP)

If baseball doesn't work out for Mark Teixeira, perhaps he can pursue a career in comedy.

Teixeira took time during spring training to star in a fake talk show called "Foul Territory with Mark Teixeira."

The Yankees first baseman puts on a Will Ferrell-esque performance -- he asks Brian McCann who his favorite switch-hitting first baseman from the 2007-2008 Braves was and asks YES Network...

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