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Watch: 'Mad Dog' Russo goes off on Michael Pineda, Yankees and pine tar

Radio personality Chris "Mad Dog" Russo smiles during

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's show on MLB Network is called "High Heat."

And, the day after the Yankees' Michael Pineda was ejected from a game in Fenway Park because of using pine tar, Russo brought the heat.

Watch below as "Mad Dog" sounds off on the Yankees and Major League Baseball . . . and a little bit on Pineda. It's classic "Mad Dog."

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He shoots, he scores - the Curtis Granderson edition

Curtis Granderson smiles during an autograph sessions for

(Credit: AP)

Monday delivered Curtis Granderson an opportunity to earn $14.1 million dollars as a member of the Yankees' outfield.

But, on Sunday, Granderson cashed in on a different offer -- winning a free round-trip ticket on United Airlines.

We'll save the spoiler alert to how many shots the free-agent outfielder scored on, or didn't.

(Newsday's app users can watch the video at http://bit.ly/172K0OX)...

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