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Yogi and the Gator

This video has been up for about five days on ESPN, but OBP is just getting around to seeing it now. It's a little featurette on the friendship between Yankee legends Yogi Berra and Ron Guidry, the former of which being about eight more World Series titles more famous than the latter.

Its existence is in furtherance of awareness and sales of a new book on Berra and Guidry titled "Driving Mr. Yogi," written by Harvey Araton.

There are few "Yogi-isms" in this feature, and presumably there are quite a few more in the book. But what struck me in this video is the day-to-day frailty of Berra, who will celebrate his 87th birthday on May 12. To be clear, this is not a dig or anything of the sort. Whenever the public sees Berra, he's usually walking toward the field on Old-Timer's Day or throwing out the first pitch of a big game. We don't typically see him being helped into a golf cart, or helped out of a car.

Berra can't live forever, even if we want him to.

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