COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. -- Pete Rose, the newest reality TV star, knows that former greats accused or suspected of having used steroids could face the same stark reality that he does: a lifetime without getting into the Hall of Fame.

He simply doesn't know if they deserve that fate. Doing his annual induction-weekend autograph-signing at the Safe at Home collectibles shop a few doors down from the Hall and being filmed for a reality TV series with his fiancee, Rose said, "I'm not here to say who did it or who didn't. I wouldn't know what a steroid even looks like."

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Mindful that Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Sammy Sosa become eligible next year, he added, "I don't know if they cheated, when they cheated. I don't know how you'd put a cap on it. Do you take year away from them? I can't comment on that without getting in trouble because those guys are all friends of mine."

Rose, banned from baseball for life for having bet on the game, acknowledged that if those guys get elected, it could help his own cause. "They both are bad," he said, referring to gambling and performance enhancing drugs. "I'm not here to say one's worse than the other. There's one thing I didn't do: I didn't cheat the game."