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In a word, Rudd sums up 'Madden 13'

Actor Paul Rudd, seen in an undated photo,

Actor Paul Rudd, seen in an undated photo, made a guest appearance on an episode of "Parks and Recreation" which aired on Jan. 19, 2012. (Credit: Getty Images)

Rarely do commercials make me laugh out loud. Of course, the invention of the DVR has reduced that opportunity even more.

But I caught watching a live event this past weekend and came across Paul Rudd and Ray Lewis in a commercial for EA Sports' "Madden NFL '13" video game. This particular commercial, embedded below, focused on the new voice commands with Kinect.

And if my brother and I were still of the age and situation in life where we played video games against each other every day, this is pretty much exactly what would happen.

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