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John Mara is on Twitter; his dad is not

John Mara Jr., background, outside the Broadway theater

John Mara Jr., background, outside the Broadway theater for "A Christmas Story" with cast members Sarah Min-Kyung Park, John Babbo, Grace Capeless and JD Rodriguez. (Nov. 4, 2012) (Credit: Mark Ledbetter)

John Mara Jr. is active on Twitter, which at times causes some confusion when tweeps mistake his name with that of his father, the Giants' president and an influential member of the NFL's community of team owners.

"He's on Twitter all the time,'' the elder Mara said. "People will tweet him stuff, like most recently, 'Would you please get the officials' lockout solved?'

"So he responsed something like, 'Don't worry, the Sun will come out tomorrow,'" a reference to the Broadway revival of "Annie" on which he is serving as a producer.

"I told him, 'You have to stop doing that,'" his father said, laughing. "People think it's me."

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