Fresh off receiving another round of positive reviews for his work as a Fox studio analyst, former Yankee Alex Rodriguez appears set to further expand his budding media career.

CNBC announced on Tuesday an order for a pilot for a reality series with the working title “Back in the Game,” to be hosted by Rodriguez.

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Former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan is listed as one of the three executive producers.

The summary provided by the network said the show would focus on pairing “ex-athletes in serious financial distress with money-savvy mentors who can help them get back on their feet.

“Whether the game plan involves launching a second career, starting a new business, or just finding a way out of crushing debt, the mentors are ready to guide these former stars to their next great play. But after years of living large, will they be willing to listen to their new coach?”

Rodriguez, 41, has had his ups and downs in life and in baseball, but financial trouble is not believed to be one of his problems. He has earned several hundred million dollars during his playing career, and the Yankees still owe him $21 million for the coming season despite releasing him in August.