TAMPA, Fla. - Brian Cashman mostly declined to comment on Alex Rodriguez's situation Monday and Tuesday, he didn't have much more to say.

"No, nothing at all," Cashman said Tuesday. "I still have no comment."

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On Monday, Rodriguez said he had been contacted by federal authorities in regard to their investigation of Anthony Galea, a Canadian sports medicine doctor who is facing charges in his country, including the distribution of performance-enhancing drugs to professional athletes. In September, Galea's assistant was stopped at the border with human growth hormone (HGH) and other drugs.

Rodriguez did not comment Monday other than to say he would "cooperate" with the investigation. He left with his teammates Tuesday morning on buses headed to a local arcade for a team outing.

Before his team boarded those buses, Joe Girardi also declined to discuss Rodriguez's situation. "I'm not going to comment on it at this time," Girardi said. "I don't really have enough information to comment, so I don't think it's fair."


Rodriguez said Monday that he wasn't concerned about the issue becoming a distraction.

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"This is about someone else," Rodriguez said. "I'm going to cooperate as best I can and focus on baseball."