Didi Gregorius was taking some swings in the indoor batting cage Saturday when a visitor appeared. Derek Jeter wanted to give some encouragement to his successor at shortstop.

"He told me keep up the good work, man," Gregorius said. "He sees that I've been working hard so that's what he said, 'just keep up the good work.' "

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Seeing Jeter at Yankee Stadium is a rare occurrence. He showed up in May for Bernie Williams Day, but the former captain was not made available to the media. Ditto this time when he was on hand for Jorge Posada Day, his fellow Core Four teammate.

"Before I was Yankee, no, I never met him before," Gregorius said. "There's no reason for me to be nervous, no. I talked to him, he's a great guy, everybody knows that. We talked a little bit about everything. He said just relax and play the game. Just keep going forward."

Jeter is expected to be around Sunday when Andy Pettitte is honored, so Gregorius might see him again. "Probably, yeah," he said with a grin.