I always said if there is one guy you want your little boy to play the game like Derek Jeter is it. @KMillar15 (Kevin Millar)

JETER one of the best thing ever happen to mlb in long long long time @OzzieGuillen (Ozzie Guillen)

Might cry when Jeter plays his last game favorite player growing up...did it the right way @ChristianYelich (Christian Yelich)

All the best to Derek in his final season. He's been Nothing but class and I wish him health and much success this year. @CDickerson -- PFTP (Chris Dickerson)

I've been a fan of everything Derek Jeter has done in this game, except for announcing his retirement before he's done playing. @mrLeCure (Sam LeCure)

#Yankees Jeter announces 2014 will be his last. He is simply the best. Class,pride,respect and dignity all rolled into one. @Plesac19 (Dan Plesac)

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Baseball will forever be grateful to this legend that walks this earth, Tip your cap #captain for... @GioGonzalez47 (Gio Gonzalez)

I want to thank Derek Jeter for making my 2 boys love baseball @tec49 (Tom Candiotti)

Derek Jeter was a God. Who cares what anyone's opinion is. @flashGJr (Dee Gordon)

Derek Jeter is my hero. Always has been, and always will be. He is the reason I wanted to play baseball. @Pmattingly30 (Preston Mattingly)