KISSIMMEE, Fla. - Derek Jeter isn't the only Yankee tinkering with his swing.

Brett Gardner, who flourished in the first half of last year before fading in the second - in large part because of a lingering right wrist injury - has been working on keeping both hands on the bat during his follow-through.

"Instead of my hand flying off the bat at different times, depending where the pitch is, if I keep both hands on the bat, I'm going to have a more consistent swing, and that's the ultimate goal," Gardner said Sunday.

Throughout his career, to get out of the box quicker, the lefthanded-hitting Gardner has released his top hand at or just after contact.

"Sometimes I would actually take both hands off the bat too early, my bat would fly around, hit the catcher," Gardner said. "I've had to apologize to catchers, umpires. This, it could slow me down a 10th of a second getting out of the box, but ultimately, if it leads to me being more consistent at the plate, that's what I'm shooting for."