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Make your All-Star Game predictions

David Wright takes the field for a game

David Wright takes the field for a game against the St. Louis Cardinals at Citi Field. (June 13, 2013) (Credit: Jim McIsaac)

When Citi Field opened in 2009, hopeful Mets fans predicted that the ballpark would soon host MLB's All-Star festivities. With the All-Star break finally here, it is time for those festivities to kick-off with the 2013 Home Run Derby and All-Star Game hosted at Citi Field this week.

Anything can happen in the Home Run Derby. We could see a record-breaking performance like Josh Hamilton in 2008 at Yankee Stadium. Or we could see someone fall flat like Robinson Cano in Kansas City last year.

The All-Star Game on Tuesday has the potential to be even more surprising and could have some twists and turns as the AL and NL decide which league will have home field advantage in the World Series.

We want to know what you think will happen when All-Star Game comes to Queens for the first time since 1964. Make your predictions for both the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game by voting true or false in our features on each event.

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