The Rangers don't intend to let Cliff Lee get away easily.

While it is assumed the Yankees will sign the Rangers' ace, a free agent after the season, to a big-money contract, Chuck Greenberg said they'll have a battle on their hands.

"We're not going anywhere with a pea shooter," the Rangers' CEO and managing partner said on the field before yesterday's Game 5 of the ALCS.

Greenberg heads up an ownership group, which includes Nolan Ryan, that took control in August. Greenberg said financial difficulties of previous ownership is not the case now.

"We're in very solid shape financially," Greenberg said. "The old Rangers are gone, they're a thing of the past. We're very well capitalized, we've got an ownership group with tremendous resources. And collectively we have a tremendous will to win. That's why we persisted all throughout the sale process, we just weren't going to let anyone take this from us in the ninth inning. We're going to win and everything we've done has been intended to enhance that and that's not going to change."

Lee said he has enjoyed playing in the Dallas area, something Greenberg hopes works in the Rangers' favor.

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"We think we have things to offer from a lifestyle standpoint that are enormous advantages," he said. "Now, that doesn't mean, it's a great place to live so let's have a big discount. We don't mean that at all. We recognize that Cliff is going to get a very, very lucrative contract. He's going to be at that rarefied level where you have the luxury of making a lifestyle decision and we hope that decision goes well for us."

The bottom line is Greenberg knows the price for Lee is going to be high and it could be the Rangers against the Yankees again. "We can't control what the Yankees or any other club chooses to offer," Greenberg said. "We can only control our own decisions. We know we're going to have to be aggressive financially and we're prepared to do that."