Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse Tweeted that the Yankees have put Chad Gaudin on waivers, which further clarifies their plans for the pitching staff.

If a team claims Gaudin (unlikely), they'd have to pay him $2.95 million. Since he hasn't shown much in spring (9 ER in 9 1/3 innings), and the Yankees likely were trying to trade him, it's more likely he'll pass through those waivers.

Then, the Yankees can send him to Triple-A, but he'd have to agree and they'd have to pay him his full salary. Or he can refuse and become a free agent.

Me? I'd keep the money and go to Triple-A. He's not going to get $2.95 million on the open market.

Or...the Yankees could just release him. Then they would owe him "only" about $700,000.

So with less than two weeks to go before opening day, the roster seems pretty set, doesn't it?

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