Shielding Boss traps reporters at Yankee Stadium

Team owner George Steinbrenner watches the New York Team owner George Steinbrenner watches the New York Yankees play against the Philadelphia Phillies in Game One of the 2009 MLB World Series at Yankee Stadium . Photo Credit: Getty

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With George Steinbrenner on hand Thursday night for only his third game at Yankee Stadium this season, Yankees security clearly was on high alert, going so far as to keep more than 100 reporters stuck in a stairwall after the game ended.

After Game 2 of the World Series ended, the reporters who used the stairs from the press box to the bottom floor were not allowed to exit because Steinbrenner's exit was anticipated any minute. The lockdown led to a standstill in the stairwell that lasted close to 10 minutes and resulted in an overflow all the way back up to the stadium's second level.

When Steinbrenner was on hand for the home opener in April, after the game, reporters were ordered by security to leave the vicinity of the tunnel when Steinbrenner was leaving.

Steinbrenner, 79, has been in declining health in recent years, and the Yankees have been sensitive about shielding him from the public's eye. His son Hal officially took control of the team last November.

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