The average resale-market asking price for Alex Rodriguez’s finale as a Yankee Friday night was $211.73 as of Wednesday, up 178.9 percent from before the team’s Sunday announcement but down significantly from the first hours after his departure date was set.

According to, which monitors a number of secondary market sites, the lowest asking price was $22, which is up from $16 before the announcement but far lower than asking prices shortly after Sunday’s news conference.

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The average asking price for Derek Jeter’s final home game in 2014 was $768.09. For Mariano Rivera’s last game in 2013, it was $237.89.

SeatGeek, which also follows the secondary market, said it has seen asking prices for A-Rod’s finale drop 31 percent since late Sunday, as demand was softer than expected.

On the day of Jeter’s final home game, SeatGeek said, the lowest available price was $200, compared to $38 for Rodriguez.