Derek Jeter's announcement Wednesday that this will be his final season in professional baseball led to a massive spike in secondary ticket market prices for the Yankees' regular-season home finale Sept. 25.

According to, which aggregates data from a variety of resale sites, the average asking price for that night's Orioles-Yankees game as of about 4 p.m. was $803.54. That was up 163.6 percent over 2:08 p.m.

The lowest asking price was $280, up 976.9 percent since Jeter's announcement.

Another secondary market aggregator,, said that the lowest price for the Sept. 25 game was $26 before Jeter's announcement, then soared to just under $300 by late afternoon.

Tickets to the Yankees' regular-season finale at Fenway Park Sept. 28 more than doubled to over $200 in that time.

The 12-game plan offered by the Yankees that included the home finale was sold out by 3:13 p.m.

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Brokers taking tickets off the market in the midafternoon frenzy likely contributed to the price volatility.

It remains to be seen how durable the price surge remains. On March 9 of last year, the average asking price as gauged by TiqIQ for Mariano Rivera's final home game was $467.06. It fell to $237.89 on the day of the game.

SeatGeek said the average price paid for a ticket to Rivera's final game bought within the final 72 hours before the game was only $87.34.

Prices on the secondary market for Jeter's home finale should fall when the Yankees open single-game ticket sales for 2014, which will add inventory to the market. said page views for the Sept. 25 game were up 2,700 percent over average Wednesday, and the game quickly became the site's highest-selling MLB game of the season so far. It was not in the top 50 Tuesday.