The Yankees say fans who experienced the chaos spurred by the late-arriving Mariano Rivera bobblehead dolls at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday night are eligible to receive a free ticket to a 2014 game, excluding Opening Day and Old-Timers' Day.

That's welcome news to the man behind the bobblehead, even if the longtime Yankees closer won't be around next season. Rivera said yesterday he learned of the fiasco when a news report about outraged fans came on the clubhouse television before the game and grabbed his attention.

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"I was listening to them and the fans were so upset," Rivera said.

Because the dolls weren't there when the gates opened, fans were given a voucher. Once the dolls arrived and the Yankees began handing them out, fans at the game posted pictures on Twitter of jam-packed stadium ramps and complained of waiting on disorderly lines for more than an hour.

Joked Rivera, "That's not my field or my territory. If it was, it would have been done."