Here’s how cold it is at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday: Three hours before first pitch the grounds crew was busy picking up ice off the field.

Baseball players are big on their game-day habits and don’t like anything out of the ordinary messing with their schedule. So the frigid cold is not a welcome Opening Day guest.

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The game-time temperature was 36 degrees, making it the coldest Yankees home opener since the April 8, 2003 game against the Twins began at 35 degrees.

But veteran Mark Teixeira said it’s important everyone remembers that players on both sides are dealing with the same weather conditions.

There also are the modern amenities of a new stadium that can help the players. For example, manager Joe Girardi revealed that the batting racks inside the Yankees dugout are heated.

So when hitters take their bats out, the wood will be warm — at least for a few minutes.

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“That’s important,” Girardi said. “Hands are what you’re worried about.”