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Brooklyn Nets unveil new logo

One of the new Brooklyn Nets logos is

One of the new Brooklyn Nets logos is displayed during a news conference. (April 30, 2012) (Credit: AP )

It's official. The Brooklyn Nets have arrived.

Earlier today, the Nets unveiled the team's new logo. According to the Nets website, the logo was designed by part owner Jay Z. It includes the shield from the team's previous logo, the basketball that has been part of every Nets logo since the franchise began in 1967, and a bold "B" on the ball to represent Brooklyn.

The most notable part of the Nets' new look is, as the site reads, "The black. The white." There isn't any color in the new logo, the team ditching the various shades of red and blue from its past for a bold, colorless look. In fact, the team website's home page is also colorless, with the exception of the header, and links to Instagram and Deron Williams' website.

The team's secondary logo will include the "B" inside the basketball, surrounded by the words "Brooklyn New York," according to the site.

On Twitter, the team also announced that the word "Brooklyn" will be on both the Nets' home and away uniforms.

You can read about the full genesis of the logo here.

Also today, the NBA store began selling Brooklyn Nets merchandise, including t-shirts and hats, all black and white, all heavily branded with the "Brooklyn" theme. To pick up gear, click over to

As it turns out, the logo that leaked on Twitter several days ago wound up being the team's official logo.

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