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Video: Melo talks nutrition, Jeremy Lin

Now that the playoffs are over for him, New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony talks about the New York spotlight, Jeremy Lin, and his new role as executive vice president of the sports drink brand, POWERCOCO. (May 24)

Carmelo Anthony, the new EVP of PowerCoco sports drink, spoke recently about how highly he values nutrition and what prompted him to eat healthier.

"There's a lot of products that are being made for kids that, believe it or not, are not really right for them," Anthony said. "For me, being an athlete, I can relate to that. There are certain things I don't want to eat, there's certain things I don't want my son eating, there's certain things I don't want him drinking.

"Coming into the big leagues, that's when I really started looking into nutrition, and figuring out what's good and what's bad," Anthony said. "You know, 18, 19 years old, you want Burger King, you want Wendy's, McDonald's. You want all the fast food and things like that. But as you get older, you start feeling your body, you start waking up feeling sluggish, and you start researching, wondering why you're feeling like that."

Anthony also spoke about the effect Jeremy Lin had on the Knicks and the league.

"When it all started, I think everybody, we were just looking for, at that point, some help," Anthony said. "Nobody knew that Jeremy Lin thing was going to come overnight, play the way he's playing, take the team by storm, take the city by storm, take American by storm.

"But everybody jumped on the train, especially the team."

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