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Yes, that's an ATM in DeShawn Stevenson's kitchen

Photo posted by DeShawn Stevenson on his Instagram

Photo posted by DeShawn Stevenson on his Instagram account. (Credit: @dsteve92)

There are certain NBA players that you need to follow on social media.

JaVale McGee, J.R. Smith and Tony Allen come to mind right away.

Feel free to now add DeShawn Stevenson to that list.

Stevenson shared the picture to the left on his Instagram account. And yes, that is an ATM in Stevenson's kitchen.

In addition to the cash machine, Stevenson chose to rock a bow tie and lime green pants for the picture, writing, "Swag Out Before My Dinner @jjmarie92." Have to hand it to Stevenson, there isn't a better way to "Swag Out" than by rocking a fedora next to your ATM.

So yeah, if you are on Instagram, start following @dsteve92.

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