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Jeremy Lin covers from New York and Houston

Knicks guard Jeremy Lin talks to the media

Knicks guard Jeremy Lin talks to the media as the team cleans out its lockers the day after being eliminated from the playoffs by Miami. (May 10, 2012) (Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy)

Jeremy Lin was a headline writer's dream, his last name a consistent source for basketball puns both good and bad. He was a fixture on back covers in the New York area during his breakthrough prompting clever, bizarre and awkward headlines.

As Lin bolts New York for the south, here's a look through at how the local papers and Lin's new hometown paper, the Houston Chronicle, played the story:

Newsday's back cover read "POINT OF NO RETURN," a reference to Lin's position. He was also shown on the left rail of the front cover.

The New York Daily News ran the news about Lin's departure across the footer on the front cover. On the back cover, the paper used the headline, "LIN STAR STATE," a reference to Texas' nickname.

The New York Post made no mention of Lin on the front cover. Its back cover read "END OF THE LIN."


The New York Times placed their headline on Lin below the fold. The Times' Nets beat writer Howard Beck broke the news Tuesday of the Knicks' decision to not match Houston's offer sheet for Lin.

Finally, the Houston Chronicle led its front page with the news on Lin. The headline "Back in with Lin" referenced the fact that this will be Lin's second stint with the team; he was signed by the Rockets in December 2011, but waived less than two weeks later. The Chronicle accompanied the story with a timeline of recent events in Lin's basketball career.

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