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The best video you'll watch all day (or year)

A kid named Sollomon just summed up what every NBA fan feels about the current state of the Slam Dunk Contest.

The young LeBron James fan posted the below video on YouTube begging the Heat forward to show up at the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest and save All-Star Weekend.

You'll find that you agree with everything Sollomon said.

Some of his best arguments:

"I don't wanna see no rookies from Minneosta dunking it," referencing Derrick Williams. Sollomon's right, too: when Williams shows up, there's going to be a collective "WHO?!" from those watching.

"I want you to go up there and smash the ball from halfcourt or something," which I wouldn't put past James considering the season he's having.

"Don't let my Saturday night go to waste, man." I love the absurdity of how important a Saturday night is to this little dude. And you know what . . . I believe him.

"Go get the whole country chanting your name . . ." Possible with the inclusion of Twitter in this year's rules.

". . . except for Ohio." Burn!

The clip:

(h/t @hoopmixtape via @AlexKennedyNBA)

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