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NBA announces schedule for opening games of playoffs

New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, left, and Miami

New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony, left, and Miami Heat's LeBron James jockey for position in the second half. (April 15, 2012) (Credit: AP )

Earlier today, the NBA announced the schedule for the opening game of each first round playoff series.

Four series will open Saturday, and four on Sunday:


No. 7 Dallas or Denver at No. 2 Oklahoma City*

No. 8 Philadelphia or Knicks at No. 1 Chicago*

No. 7 Knicks or Philadelphia at No. 2 Miami*

No. 6 Orlando at No. 3 Indiana


No. 8 Utah at No. 1 San Antonio

No. 6 Denver or Dallas at No. 3 Lakers*

No. 5 Clippers at No. 4 Memphis**

No. 4 Boston at No. 5 Atlanta**

*Seedings and match-ups will be finalized tonight
**Boston and the Clippers could both steal home court advantage tonight.

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