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Nine dunks and a layup to start your day

Utah Jazz power forward Paul Millsap (24) is

Utah Jazz power forward Paul Millsap (24) is fouled by Dallas Mavericks center Ian Mahinmi (28) as Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki, left, of Germany also defends during the second half of an NBA basketball game. (April 16, 2012) (Credit: AP)


The Jazz picked up a monstrous win by taking down the Mavericks, 123-121, in three overtimes last night.

If it weren't for Paul Millsap, the game would've been much shorter, and Utah's playoff chances would be on life support.

With less than three seconds to go, Millsap grabbed an offensive rebound off a Gordon Hayward miss and threw down a dunk, tying the game at 89, and sending it to overtime.

It was part of a 53-minute, 16-point night for Millsap. Al Jefferson led the way for Utah with 28 points and 26 rebounds in 54 minutes.

The win, coupled with Houston's fourth straight loss, pulled the Jazz within 1/2 game of the Suns and Rockets for eighth place in the Western Conference.

Millsap's dunk was part of a record -- completely unofficial, mind you -- nine dunks among the NBA's top 10 plays.

Ironically, the lone non-dunker on the list was Blake Griffin, who hit a circus layup during the Clippers' 92-77 win against the Thunder.

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