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Stickmen recreate the NBA's most famous plays

Chicago Bulls' Michael Jordan scowls over his shoulder

Chicago Bulls' Michael Jordan scowls over his shoulder as he is guarded closely by Utah Jazz's Bryon Russell during the first quarter of Game 4 in the NBA Finals. (June 8, 1997) (Credit: AP)

Vince Carter over Frederic Weis? Allen Iverson crossing up Michael Jordan? Every famous MJ shot imaginable? We've seen all of them on replay dozens of times. But what about in "Stickman GIF" form?

A user on the fan forums, "Kobe-Bryant," posted upwards of 50 of the Stickman GIFs, similar to the one you'll see below. The GIFs, curated from a number of different websites, are incredibly well done. Some are easy to decode -- for example, this alley-oop from Dwyane Wade to LeBron James -- and some, not so much -- is this Blake Griffin at the 2009 NCAA Tournament?

If you got a kick out of that, you should click here and enjoy 15 minutes of GIF madness.

(h/t @InsideHoops via @jeskeets)

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