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Video: Sonics fans on Thunder-Heat finals

As the Oklahoma City Thunder prepare to face the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, basketball fans in Seattle have a tough choice to make. Root for the team that left town four years ago, or become Heat fans for a couple of weeks. (June 12)

One city that will have a particularly hard time deciding which team to root for in the 2012 NBA Finals is Seattle.

In 2008, the Seattle SuperSonics' new ownership group opted to transplant the team to Oklahoma City, renaming the team the "Thunder" in the process. The events surrounding the team's move were recently portrayed in the movie "Sonicsgate."

Adam Brown and Jason Reid, the directors of the film, made it no secret that they will be rooting against Oklahoma City in the Finals.

"Mostly bitterness, anger," Brown said, referring to the city's mood with Oklahoma City on the big stage," and depression . . . all the stages of grief you go through."

On the flip side, some former Sonics fans will be rooting for Kevin Durant -- who won Rookie of the Year as a member of the Sonics -- and the Thunder.

"I'm happy," one fan said. "I wish they were still here in Seattle, but I hope they go ahead and win it."

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