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Kobe Bryant dunks against the Nets

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant smiles during

(Credit: AP)

Kobe Bryant scored 21 points as the short-handed Lakers beat the Nets, 92-83, on Tuesday.

Blah, blah, blah.

All anyone is talking about is Kobe Bryant's dunk that both Gerald Wallace AND Kris Humphries missed blocking. John Legend, in the background near the end of the video, can't believe it just happened. Neither can anyone else in the crowd. Check out Kobe doin' work in slow motion:


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Video: Top NBA dunks of the week

Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer reacts after missing

(Credit: AP)

We know you like dunks, so how about watching the top 10 NBA dunks of the week in the video embedded below. addCustomPlayer('1d6vmrdgiuaj01fgm6gsaziz3d', 'a3c2572eccce4b7f8e5d61c8a0a809f3', 'lka94ii544bh13w3h2lj9jww7', 475, 348, 'perf1d6vmrdgiuaj01fgm6gsaziz3d-lka94ii544bh13w3h2lj9jww7', 'eplayer15');...

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