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Clarifying the Sessions situation

We told you in yesterday's blogpost that the Knicks are still very much interested in Ramon Sessions and that is accurate. But, following our golden rule Fallibilium est sexious (Fallibility is sexy) we were not accurate to give any suggestion that the Knicks have a standing offer on the table and are merely waiting for Sessions to take it.

In fact, what we've been since informed is that Sessions and his camp were told that Donnie Walsh is not prepared to make a multi-year commitment to the 23-year-old Sessions.

(I'm drawing a blank on a Tom Petty song to fit this moment....sigh).

As we said, Sessions is still very much on the radar, but his representation believes that Walsh would prefer to move a player off the 2010 payroll (read: Jared Jeffries or Eddy Curry) before he makes a commitment beyond next summer. That would suggest that there is very little chance the Knicks will sign Sessions this summer, unless Walsh can find a taker for either player.

A sign-and-trade with the Bucks doesn't really solve anything. Why? Sessions remains unsigned and the Bucks are about $1 million under the luxury tax threshold, which is his qualfying offer. All QO's expire on Oct. 1 and if the players do not pick it up by then, they remain restricted free agents. Only now their "home" team can sign them for anything, which means less than the QO.

So, considering they are $1M from the luxury tax threshold, what would motivate them to take on the equal contract for Sessions and then pay the tax on it?

This, of course, is good news for Nate Robinson, who tweeted that he was to meet with Walsh on Wednesday. But his agency, Goodwin Sports, on Tuesday blasted Starberman's report and denied any meeting had been scheduled.

Oh no he twi-dn't!

Regardless, with the Sessions option stalled, it means more than likely that Nate will return for at least one more season with the Knicks, likely at his very affordable qualifying offer. The Knicks can then waive his Bird Rights in June to avoid his cap hold next summer.

By the way, Nate also let us know via twitter that his license is no longer suspended.

One less question to ask on Media Day....


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