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Hasheem Thabeet talks offense

Hasheem Thabeet, taken second by the Memphis Grizzlies, is known as a great defensive player. But he's going to need an offensive game to really have an impact in the NBA. Here's what Thabeet said:

"I'm trying to get as many post games as I can. The whole season I spent working on my offense and working with so many different people and to me this is a great opportunity to come out here and go play. I'm looking forward and I talk to the guys in Memphis every day, you know, Rudy (Gay) and all of the guys are pretty good friends of mine, and finally I was chosen to go out there. So I'm happy and excited."

In addition to an offensive game, Thabeet needs to get stronger, especially in his lower body. Thabeet was pushed out of the block too often in college.

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