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Red Dawn

We tweeted a few things last night that we wanted to include here at the Fix as well: 

Timofey Mozgov is expected to arrive today at the MSG Training Center ready for training camp, which officially opens Saturday. The 7-1 Russian center finished a nine-game stint in Turkey at the FIBAs a little over a week ago and returned to Russia to collect his things and complete his official paperwork before making the trip to the U.S.

With Mozgov in, that leaves pretty much one player who has yet to arrive: Eddy Curry.

I heard yesterday that Curry was still nowhere to be found at the training center, where the rest of the team was already assembled and working out together. This is the latest Curry has been to arrive before camp; even last season he was in a week before camp opened, though he hardly did much work on the court (and then came up lame on the first day of practice).

From what I've been told, Curry has been working out on his own and maintaining the sub-300 pound weight he had last season. But for someone who desperately needs a big year and desperately needs to impress upon the coaching staff (and his very skeptical teammates) a desire to play a major role, he's hardly giving off a positive vibe in his absence.

His apathy calls to mind a moment in the Islanders weight room a few years ago, when the players had lost all patience with the stoic and introverted Alexei Yashin. A player was furious at his blank expression after a loss, grabbed a stationary bike and tossed it across the room and screamed, "Show us you f%#*ing care!"

The only difference is, the Islanders needed Yashin to win. The Knicks may not need Curry nearly as much, but they sure could use all the help they can get. Especially at the center position.

* * *

* - We've been beating the Carmelo Anthony stuff to death here at the Fix, but now you're starting to see some of what we've been talking about coming to light elsewhere. Ho-Beck of the Times confirms our report that the Knicks know they just don't have enough assets to make a trade, so free agency is their best bet. Chris Broussard proved he isn't as much of a Knicks hater as fans wanted to believe during the LeBronathon when he tweeted that his sources tell him the Knicks are still Melo's top choice. And then came Marc Stein and Chad Ford, who said the Nets are the front-runners to make a trade for Carmelo, which we've told you here twice before in the past week.

OK so we're all caught up at this point. Now we can continue to move forward, starting with the first LIVE CHAT of the new season today at noon. Bring your lunch and your questions and let's get at it.


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