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Rubio could be NBA-bound in 2011

UPDATE: According to's Raul Barrigon, the NBA opt-out is definitely AFTER the second season, so Rubio will likely remain in Europe for two seasons, just like his father wanted all along. is reporting that Regal Barcelona is in the process of buying Ricky Rubio's contract from DKV Joventut for $3.7M (Euro), which would be the most expensive player transfer in the history of Spanish basketball.

As part of a new six-year deal with Barcelona, Rubio will have the right to leave for the NBA after the second season, which suggests the No. 5 overall pick of the Timberwolves will play the next two seasons in Europe. The buyout would likely fall within the $500,000 cap set by the NBA.

A google-translated version of the story is here. The original version on is here.

The T-Wolves have Jonny Flynn, whom they selected with the sixth overall pick, and now have two seasons to decide whether they want to hold onto Rubio's rights or trade them to another team. Donnie Walsh did have some initial discussions with T-Wolves GM David Kahn about Rubio, but up until this point of the process, Kahn has been reluctant to part with Rubio.

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