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Marcus Camby drained a full court baseball-style shot

Portland Trail Blazers forward Marcus Camby on the

Portland Trail Blazers forward Marcus Camby on the bench during the fourth quarter of Game 4 of a first-round NBA basketball playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks. (April 25, 2011) (Credit: AP)

Unfortunately, it didn't count.

At the end of the third quarter of the Rockets-Kings game last night, veteran center Marcus Camby threw the ball baseball-style from underneath his own basket at the end of the third quarter, draining the heave. He got the toss off about two-tenths of a second too late, though, and the basket was waved off. The Rockets managed to win the game in overtime, 113-106.

Camby's no-basket was shafted, coming in at No. 9 in the NBA's top 10 plays from last night. Who cares if it didn't count? You see that once every couple of years!

Among the shots topping Camby were five dunks, a Rodney Stuckey game-winning jumper, and a halfcourt shot (not full court) from Paul George that did count in the Pacers' win over Miami.

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