Here is what Newsday staffers are saying about tonight's Floyd Mayweather-Sugar Shane Mosley fight. By the way, follow Marcus Henry, who is ringside, while he blogs round-by-round on the fight:

Greg Logan: When he was fresh on the scene, I thought Sugar Shane Mosley was one of the slickest, most skilled fighters I had ever seen. That Mosely had all he needed to beat Mayweather. But at the age of 39, I don't believe he can will himself to a win. He'll make Floyd work for the victory and it will be close, but smart "Money" is on Mayweather by unanimous decision.

Jose Moreno: Floyd's chin will be tested, repeatedly. His counterpunching will be tested, repeatedly. His composure will be tested, repeatedly. This will the first time in his career that will truly capture Floyd's complete boxing skills, and he will fail. Mosley will use his strength, speed, and smarts to neutralize Floyd's counterpunching and head movement. Mosley knocks out Floyd in the 11th round.

Marcus Henry: This will certainly be the biggest test for Floyd Mayweather. While the "Money" man has faced bigger fighters (Oscar de la Hoya), fast fighters (Zab Judah) and big punchers (DeMarcus Corley), he has yet to take on a boxer with the size, speed and power of Shane Mosley. The question is, will Mosley be able to hit Mayweather flush? Outside of Corley and one good shot by Judah, no one has been able to land anything solid on Mayweather. For Mosley, this bout represents a chance to stamp what has already been a hall-of-fame career. Beating Mayweather, especially in light of the Olympic-style blood testing, would vault Mosley into the stratosphere. For Mosley to prevail, he can't play it safe. He needs to go after Mayweather early and often. If he waits to pounce, Mayweather will pick him apart. Either way, Mayweather's speed, intelligence and defense in the ring is unmatched. And Mosley just doesn't have enough quickness to catch him. Mayweather will win a close decision

Mike Rose: I can't read too much into Shane Mosley's win over Antonio Margarito. Mosley hasn't fought in well over a year and he's 38. Yes, Mosley certainly needs this win to put a stamp on his career and set up a big-money rematch with Mayweather, which is in the contract and which Mosley said he would grant if he wins. However, Mosley is too slow at this stage of his career to do any real damage in this fight. I think Mayweather dominates easily and then sits back to see what happens in the Miguel Cotto-Yuri Foreman fight in June at Yankee Stadium. Mayweather by TKO in the seventh or eighth.

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Bobby Cassidy: Sugar Shane Mosley has been counted out before and that's what motivates him in this fight. It's easy to say that he's been in too many tough fights over the years. But I think that's his edge here. Mayweather hasn't been in a competitive fight since winning a split decision over Oscar De La Hoya in 2007. Tough fights are the norm for Mosley. Shane will make Mayweather fight like no one else has made him fight before. Also consider that Mosley is faster than any other fighter Mayweather has faced and it all adds up to a unanimous decision win for Mosley.