Last year: 21-9.

Coach: Dom Savino (third season 41-20).

Players to watch: G Cliff Brown (6.4 points, 4.4 rebounds), G Chris Ranglin (5.9 rebounds) F Bradley Simpson (10.7, 5.5) G John Calarco (8.7 rebounds), F Travis Jordan (6-6, Sr.), F Duane Morgan, G Edward Sullivan.

Newcomers: G Anthony Libroia, Helped Holy Cross to the CHSAA AA Championship Game. F Ryan DiNicola, G Sean Crawford, Old Dominion transfer F Nayquann Mitchell.

Outlook: Expecting to again make NCAA Tournament.

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LIU Post

Last year: 23-6.

Coach: Chris Casey (third season, 44-16).

Players to watch: Sr. G Tobin Carberry, ECC preseason player of the year (17.9, 5.9). F Vaughn Allen ( 15.0, 9.6), F Tyuan Williams (8.6, 7.9), G Billy Butler, G Jonathan Kohler.

Newcomers: G Emile Blackman, G Dillon Burns.

Outlook: Picked first in preseason poll.



Last year: 11-15.

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Coach: Sal Lagano (16th season, 210-215).

Players to watch: G/F Kayvon Roberts (14.8, 5.1), G Dominic Scurry (12.7) G Antoine Brown (10.4), F/C Azel Prather Jr. (9.7, 7.9), G Jahleel Felix (7.8).

Newcomers: C Markus Moore (15.0, 10.0), transfer from Sierra College (Ca.), G Phil Izevbehai, transfer from District of Columbia.

Outlook: Picked fifth.


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Last year: 13-15.

Coach: Steve Hayn (seventh season, 58-111).

Players to watch: G Leon Taylor (6.9), G Corwin Austin (6.7)G Josh Malone (10.0), F Justin Alexander (7.1), G Mervin Springer.

Newcomers: G Darien Davis (Mohawk Valley Community College), C Evan Maxwell. G Mervin Springer, G Darien Davis, F Travon Smith

Outlook: Improvement over last season.



Last year: 8-19.

Coach: Charles Marquardt (19th year, 177-318).

Players to watch: F John Petrucelli (17.9, 6.6), G Jimmy Nolan (17.2), F Matt McLeod (10.6, 5.2), F Richard Zoller (7.3, 4.8). C Tyler Hammett.

Newcomers: G Brandon Williams, G Maurice Gatson, F/G Kevin Bowles, F/G Patrick Fennell.

Outlook: Trying to climb toward .500.


SUNY Old Westbury

Last year: 13-13.

Coach: Bernard Tomlin (12th season, 68-130).

Players to watch: G Kerel Mitchell (16.6), G/F Everard Bisnauth (7.5), G Rashawn McCarthy (9.3, 3.5), F Rob Sanders (5.7, 4.7), F Joshua Hill (4.5, 3.4), G Omari Trebuse (5.2).

Newcomers: C Maxwell Attah, G-F Tyrik Tucker (Grambling).

Outlook: Tough to outplay powerful Farmingdale State.


Farmingdale State

Last year: 23-6.

Coach: Erik Smiles (ninth season, 162-64).

Players to watch: F AJ Matthews (22.4, 16.3). Led the nation in rebounds per game and had 26 double-doubles. G Ryan Davis (7.0m 5.3 assists), F Christian Nunez, G Justin Bailey, F Sampson Lawal, F Leo Esonwune.

Newcomers: F Donald Lawes (Cayuga CC), F Neal Fishenden (Molloy), G Abejah McKay, G Wilson Molina.

Outlook: Defending Skyline champion looks to go deep in the NCAA Tournament.



Last year: 12-13.

Coach: Danny Nee (third season, 26-25).

Players to watch: F/G Reed Buck (20.6, 5.1), C Nick Sergio, Jr. (9.7, 6.6), G Zach Karczewski, Jr. (7.2, 4.6), G Michael Farace, Jr. (6.0).

Newcomers: David Smith, Scott Dennin, George Hatzioannides.

Outlook: Led by reigning player of the year, USMMA looking to make a run at the Landmark Conference title.


St. Joseph's-LI

Last year: 21-5.

Coach: John Mateyko (12th season, 184-110).

Players to watch: F Cody Lohsen, G Evan Mohammed, G Sean McCarthy.

Newcomers: F Keith Anderson, F Jordan Kowalski.


Outlook: Rebuilding, but always a threat.


Nassau Community College

Last year: 21-11.

Coach: AJ Wynder (16th season, 298-148).

Players to watch: G Darin Dove (10.3, 5.0), G Josh Rosa (8.5, 5.0 assists), F Claudy Casseus (3.5, 4.0), G/F Kwasean McCaskell, G Cory Alexander.

Newcomers: G/F Jamail Stanley, F Darius Rhodes, G Ibraheem Shamseldin (Herkimer CC).

Outlook: Could be a contender.


Suffolk Community College

Last year: 15-11.

Coach: Victor Correa (second season, 15-11).

Players to watch: F Cortrell King (10.0, 6.6), G Nick Gallina, G Blake Evans.

Newcomers: F Chris Milender, G Armand Correa, G Jesse Seymour, F

David McCloud.

Outlook: Hoping to improve on fourth place finish of a year ago.






Last year: 16-13.

Coach: Anthony Crocitto (fourth season, 28-54).

Players to watch: G Nikki Jo Rotolo (13.0), G Rebecca Lynch (12.7, 5.3), G Demitra Apergis (8.1), F Chloe Johnson (7.8. 4.2).

Newcomers: G/F Audrey Knowlton, G/F Dina Ragab, C Charlene Riddick.

Outlook: Picked to finish sixth.


LIU Post

Last year: 21-10

Coach: Deirdre Moore (fifth season, 71-46).

Players to watch: G Ashley Caggiano (6.3, 3.6), C/F Nicolette Marciniak (10.5, 9.6), G Chelsea Williams (6.2, 3.5), C/F Samantha Kopp (8.5, 1.4).

Outlook: A notch behind Dowling?



Last year: 9-17.

Coach: Heather Jacobs (third season, 17-35).

Players to watch: F Jessica Kitrys (15.8, 7.9), G Sade Jackson (10.3, 5.4), G Kelly Mannix (8.8, 6.1).

Newcomers: F Melanie O'Brien, G Ifeanyi Ofilli, C Grace Elliott, G Tara Flynn.

Outlook: A year for improvement.



Last year: 22-7.

Coach: Joe Pellicane (10th season, 139-91).

Players to watch: G Connie Simmons (11.8, 6.6), F Julia Koppl (9.3), G Christine Verrelle (8.8, 6.9). Seja Gamble.

Newcomers: F Danielle Wilson, G Nicole Caggiano, G Ashley Gyscek, C Cache Gamble, F/C Danielle Wilson, G Kristina Surlan, G Ashley Gyscek.

Outlook: Selected to finish first.



Last year: 11-16.

Coach: Tom O'Hagen (seventh season, 96-78).

Players to watch: G Ashley Addison (8.5, ¾), F Nicole Arnone (6.7, 4.2), G Laura Rivera (5.8, 4.3), G Julia Finlay, G Christina Marra (4.9).

Newcomers: G Alex Hampton, F Kimani Jackson, F Widly Couloute, G Maggie Milonakis, G Alexia O'Connor.

Outlook: Picked seventh.


Old Westbury

Last year: 18-9.

Coach: Michael Krasnoff (10th season, 133-104).

Players to watch: G Clarissa Gallagher (9.3 points), G Antoinette Jolly (7.0, 5.6), F

DeAndra Scott (11.0, 8.1), F Abigail Williams (4.5, 5.1).

Newcomers: G Raven Pentz, G Brittany Mitchell (Nyack College).

Outlook: Will be competitive.


Farmingdale State

Last year: 15-10.

Coach: Chris Mooney (13th season, 222-104).

Players to watch: G Nikita Green (7.0), F Lushanta Savadel (7.0 rebounds).

Newcomers: G Nicky Young.

Outlook: Rebuilding year in store.


St. Joseph's-LI

Last year: 13-12.

Coach: Mike Petre (second season, 13-12).

Players to watch: F Amanda Bender (16.4, 8.7), Junior twin guards Christina Cohen (10.6) and Laura Cohen (10.7). F Danielle Hamlin (7.0, 6.0), G Ashley Larrea.

Newcomers: Forward Kara Nenos (Suffolk CC). Averaged 10.7 points, 8.6 rebounds and .5 blocks per game.

Outlook: A Skyline contender?



Last year: 10-15.

Coach: Matt Dempsey (fifth season, 27-48).

Players to watch: G Demi Van Der Wal (13.6, 5.1). Tied NCAA Division III record by hitting 20 free throws in a single game. G Roshenda Josephs (8.4 rebounds), G Tamara Kaileh (10.6).

Newcomers: G Marlee Chovich, G Nicole Evanko, F Rachel Smith.

Outlook: Improvement expected from experienced team.

Region XV


Nassau Community College

Last year: 22-6.

Coach: Kristine Abrams (fifth year, 64-24).

Players to watch: C Nikita Stewart, G Christina Grant.

New comers: G Amanda Jimenez, F Samantha Corbitt (Mohawk Valley transfer averaged 10.9 points, 9.8 rebounds). G Dana Silvester, F Ashley Atus, G Megan Monohan.

Outlook: Four returning starters could mean highly successful season.


Suffolk Community College

Last year: 18-8

Coach: Kevin Foley (22nd season, 363-105).

Players to watch: G Nicole Alvarez (6.1, 4.5), G Colleen Walker (7.2, 5.0), F/C Marlaina Sherman (9.9, 6.8).

Newcomers: G Marta Czaplak, G/F Meagan Schoberl, G Brenda Hornedo, G Makeda DeSouza.

Outlook: Freshmen dominated, but always a contender for national title.