Tom Pecora said at his news conference today that he spoke with New York area high school and AAU coaches. "They encouraged me. They said, `We've got your back.'"

            Local ties represent Pecora's strong suit as a coach. He said that when he recruits, he feels he is among friends. Many of the local amateur coaches are either guys who knew him when he was a kid (Jack Curran) or played or coached against him or were recruited by him.

            Finding a coach who can work the New York scene is what all local teams are after. It hasbeen a particular sticking point with St. John's. It will be interesting to see just how high in the New York hoops echelon Pecora shoots when seeking players. The Atlantic 10 is a pretty good selling point.

            Also, I did ask him if he ever considered hanging around a bit and waiting for St. John's or Seton Hall to call. He said that whoever called first was the one he was going to listen to most keenly.

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             People at Fordham sure were happy today. Looks to be a good fit.